Sword & Stone
Sword & Stone

Sword & Stone

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This 14-track INSTRUMENTAL version of Victor’s dual release features a stunning collection of musicians including world-class bassists Steve Bailey and Dave Welsch playing trombone and trumpet. (Yes, you read that right.) Victor plays cello on two of the songs. This album was released in September of 2012, the same day as its VOCAL companion Words and Tones.

 Sword and Stone includes instrumental versions of nine of the fourteen tracks found on Words and Tones and five completely different tracks. That’s right, you’ll need both albums to get the complete picture. Other guests include The Wooten Brothers, Meshell Ndegeocello, Bob Franceschini, Rod McGaha, J.D. Blair, Derico Watson, David “Fingers” Haynes, Joey Lauricella, Vinny Fodera, and more.

 If you want to enjoy vocal versions of nine of the tracks on Sword and Stone, first take the letter “s” of the beginning of each word and put it at the end. You’ll get Words and Tones. Then, if you haven’t yet, go to the adjacent page and purchase that record. Tell ‘em Victor sent ya. Thank you, Partner!

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