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Realizing that life’s mysteries are always in the palm of your hand, Victor Wooten released this album in 2008 and inserted a few mysteries of his own. 

 With songs like: ‘Two Timers’ which is literally in two time signatures at once, ‘I Saw God’ which delivers an important message and features the African voice and percussion of Richard Bona, ‘The Lesson’, quickly becoming  a bass anthem and released on the same day as Wooten’s thought-provoking novel – The Music Lesson, ‘Left, Right, and Center’ featuring three different drummers positioned left, right, and center, ‘Sifu’ featuring the alluring guitar of Mike Stern, as well as the  wisdom and voice of a Kung Fu master, you’ll also hear blues man Keb Mo on slide guitar (and Victor on slide bass), and if you listening closely, you’ll find Wooten’s mother singing an old hymn taught to her by her mother.

 Hidden mysteries are placed throughout this record, and even if you choose not to find them, you’ll still enjoy the wonderful artistry that can’t be avoided. Sit back with headphones or a set of good speakers and allow Palmystery to take you on a journey.

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