Palmystery & Show of Hands 15 - Vinyl Package

Palmystery & Show of Hands 15 - Vinyl Package

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The only place you can get Victor Wooten on vinyl! These albums are ones you're sure to groove to for years to come!

Optional: autographed by Victor.

About Palmystery:

We live in an age when science and technology have answers for almost every question, and there’s little if any room left for the unsolved or the unexplained. In the highly accelerated, digitally-driven culture of the 21st century, the mystery and mysticism of the world around us has slipped almost completely out of our collective grasp.

And yet, there are those fortunate few who are still tapped into the less concrete but perhaps more real dimensions of the human experience. Among them is bassist Victor Wooten, whose sense of creative exploration has fueled a highly successful career that spans more than two decades, five solo recordings, a diverse resum of guest-artist work and a longstanding collaborative relationship with the innovative Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.
 In keeping with the ongoing philosophy of genre-bending eclecticism that has driven all of his solo work, Palmystery embraces a range of styles jazz, funk, pop, soul, gospel, world music and more and boasts a diverse guest list that includes Mike Stern, Richard Bona, Keb Mo and several others.  The result is an amalgam of voices, styles and grooves, but one that never fails to hold together a its rock-solid core in much the same way that Wooten's legions of devoted fans hail from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, yet share a common affinity for artistic diversity.

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