The Music Lesson Soundtrack Digital Album
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The Music Lesson Soundtrack Digital Album

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 Available for the first time every on CD, the official soundtrack to Victor's novel The Music Lesson features Victor playing alongside musical guests Béla Fleck, brothers Roy Wooten and Joseph Wooten, Howard Levy, Michael Kott and Federica Pena.  The 31 primarily instrumental tracks once again showcase for Victor’s writing and scoring capabilities. Download the album in it's entirety or individual tracks.


Track Listing:
1. Intro Lesson
2. The Hawk
3. The Lesson (Full Version)
4. Clyde's Boogie
5. The Man Under the Bridge
6. Numbers
7. A Spiritual Lesson
8. Shhhhh
9. A Fresh Scent
10. The Honorable Instrument
11. Who R U
12. A Wise Lesson
13. A Final Lesson
14. Prelude Ending
15. Regulation
16. Release
17. A Healing Song
18. All's Well
19. Or Not
20. Rules
21. Cartwheels
22. Feel the Pulse
23. Bailey's Lesson
24. Still Smokin'
25. Swang
26. I Am Music
27. Curtis
28. Chromatic
29. Intriguing
30. Tuvan Nature
31. Lesson Prelude
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