Spider-Man Comic
Spider-Man Comic

Spider-Man Comic

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A one of a kind, special edition Marvel comic – The Adventures of Spider-Man – featuring Victor Wooten on the cover and a Vix Camps advertisement on the back!

Years ago when Victor’s long-time friend, Cathy Beal, owned two comic book stores in Virginia, she was able to convince an actual Marvel Comics illustrator to put Victor on the front cover of a comic. The back cover displays an awesome advertisement for Vix Camps. The ad was designed by long-time friend, musician, and educator, Dave Welsch. A big THANKS to Cathy and Dave. In case you were wondering, Yes! Victor and Spidey have remained close friends.

Note: Victor does not appear in the comic storyline, but he did get really tired holding up Spider-Man for so long while posing for the caricature. (Those forearms are real, by the way. )

Copies SIGNED by Victor are also available!

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