'Straight Outta Wooten Woods' T-Shirt
'Straight Outta Wooten Woods' T-Shirt

'Straight Outta Wooten Woods' T-Shirt

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Never before offered outside of camp! 

A truly magical place! Get the shirt today to commemorate your time there, or to remind you that you MUST go! 

What does the world need with just another good musician? We have plenty. What the world needs are good people!” -Mama Wooten

A nearly 150 acre camp/retreat center in Only, TN (near Nashville). Conceived and owned by Victor Wooten and his wife Holly, Wooten Woods was constructed to be the home of his Music and Nature camps that have been running since the year 2000.  Wooten Woods is nestled on the bank of the beautiful Duck River. Wooten Woods provides the perfect getaway location for fostering growth. The perfect learning environment away from the usual daily distractions and media. 

Be sure to visit www.vixcamps.com!




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