Hartke LX8500 Bass Amplifier
Hartke LX8500 Bass Amplifier

Hartke LX8500 Bass Amplifier

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The LX8500 is a compact 800 watt amplifier designed for the big gig. It brings the thump, growl, and bite you expect from your favorite amplifier without the back-breaking setup. Weighing in at just 8.5 pounds, this amplifier features a responsive 12AX7 tube-powered preamp that adds plenty of warmth and bassy richness, backed up by 800-watts of real, continuous power.

The Hartke tone stack EQ section is tailored to capture the character of the bass guitar as soon as you plug in. Equipped with traditional Treble and Bass knobs, as well as a footswitch selectable mid filter Frequency knob and Shape knob that sets the depth of the filter. The Brite button can be selected to boost high frequencies, bringing out the snaps and pops as well as the natural harmonic overtones.

 The LX8500 also provides essential onboard effects including an all new integrated Drive control to add a touch of grit or go all the way for an authentic fuzz tone. Your choices are selectable via foot switch. Isn’t that cool? A variable Compressor knob can be used to smooth out transients, add punch and presence to your attack, as well as balance dynamics for all of our fancy techniques. This amp is so light; it won’t break your back or your bank.

Check it out:

    • 800 watts of continuous power @ 4 ohms
    • Class D bass amplifier that weighs 8.5lb
    • Classic 12AX7 Class A tube preamp circuitry
    • Tone stack EQ with Bass, Treble, Shape and Frequency controls
    • Brite button for top-end presence
    • Drive circuit for added distortion effect
    • Compressor knob controls bass dynamics
    • 1/4″ input jack compatible with active and passive instruments
    • 1/4" and twist-and-lock speaker jacks (compaitble with Speakon® connectors)
    • 1/4" Effects Send and Return jacks
    • 1/8" Aux input
    • 1/8" Headphone output
    • 1/4" Tuner Output
    • Balanced XLR direct output with pre/post switch
    • Output Mute switch
    • 2 x TRS footswitch jacks for Drive, Effects Loop, Bite and Frequency parameters

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